PhD Planning

Ok so in the spirit of trying to get myself organised I have started trying to plan for writing my research proposal, gaining ethics approval, data collection, analysis and write up … (which given that I still haven’t a clue what I will actually be researching yet is not an easy task ! )

I decided to do an initial plan just on a google doc so that I have this with me at all times. There is an overall version and then a more detailed version.  I am under no illusion that this will change dramatically but at least its a start huh !

I’m also trying to work out exactly which Academic Regs our cohort comes under so I can check the formatting requirements etc and get ahead with things…( well thats the plan )

PHD planner


By some miracle I have passed Module 3

I have no idea how I managed to do it but despite all the stuff that has been going on this year I somehow was able to scrape through Module 3 ED.S823 Researching TEL / Networked Learning, Teaching and Assessment  I largely suspect this was by the skin of my teeth … hey but a pass is a pass …

This means that I am now through to my fifth module, which is the last one in Part 1 of the PhD. The next module is due to start in August and is ED.S824 Groups and Communities: Researching the Design of TEL Communities . If I get through that one I will then be writing up my research proposal which is a really scary thought.