Group Work Task: Networked Learning :

We ( me, Maria, Daria, Julie, Tina and Cliona)¬† have all selected to be in the Networked Learning group for our group project. We are working really well collaboratively so far ūüôā

I wouldn’t¬†say we have a particular ‘leader’ as such in the group, we are all just working well collaboratively.¬† We have all started to contribute and undertake the readings already.

For my own contribution:

  • I set up a Google Document with some key timescales
  • Outlined a proposed way forward to allow us to work collaboratively
  • Set up a draft set of Google Slides to get us going in terms of the presentation.
  • I also set up a Zoom meeting which worked well – we had our first meeting on Monday 11 Feb.
  • Uploaded the Zoom Meeting to Youtube and circulated to the group

Networked Learning Group

  • Maria suggested we could use Whatsapp to help with quick chats so I set up a Whatsapp group which is really helpful…
  • I found a relevant podcast by Bonnie Stewart on the Teaching in Higher Ed series that I shared with the others
  • Made a quick drawing of the sorts of questions that we need to cover ( based on a helpful post I saw in one of the other forums !)¬†IMG_0209
  • Contacted Laura Gogia about her paper – she sent me a further link which I have shared with the group
  • Read and made notes on Laura’s paperlaura gogia paper
  • Read and made notes on Chapter 1 Exploring the Theory, Pedagogy and Practice of Networked Learning¬† ( Not very happy with these notes as I am struggling to find space and time to study at the moment pending my house move ! )



So by the 20 Feb we need to have :-

a) A document that roughly outlines what we want to say

b) A rough set of slides

c) Each of us needs to prepare our one minute paper by this date also

We can tidy things up after the deadline


Module 3

Ok, so Module 3 Starts today  !

17/18: ED.S823: Researching Technology Enhanced/Networked Learning, Teaching and Assessment [1]

Taken from the Module Handbook, the aim is …

The aim of Module 3 is to enable you to gain the knowledge and skills to
critically evaluate TEL research — by providing a grounding in underlying
issues of teaching learning and assessment; by providing an opportunity
to explore different research traditions that are in partial disagreement with
each other; and by providing opportunities to think about research designs
in empirical projects.

We have three sets of reading to do this week ..

Topic 3.1 Learning and TEL 3 citations

  • Inclusive technology enhanced learning : overcoming cognitive, physical, emotional and geographic

    Passey, Don
    Chapter: Educational Digital Technologies and Learning
    Book Chapter Essential
  • View online
    Technology-Enhanced Learning: Princples and Products

    Balacheff, N., Ludvigsen, S., de Jong, T., Lazonder, A., Barnes, S. (Eds.), Springer Netherlands, 2009
    Chapter: 3
    Book Chapter Essential
  • View online
    Decoding Learning: The proof, promise and potential of digital education

    Luckin, Rosemary; Bligh, Brett; Manches, Andrew; Ainsworth, Shaaron; Crook, Charles; Noss, Richard, Nesta
    Document Optional