So What …?

The key message coming out to me this week from our tutors video is to keep asking the ‘ So What ?’ Question as we go along with our research proposal.

So in terms of engaging with this, what is the value of my study for others in the field? What else is there beyond my own practice and curiosity ? But what will it mean from other perspectives ?

I also need to remember to define all of my terms for key words and explain what I mean by it as there may be lots of different interpretations and understandings….

Mmmmm …

Research Proposal ( Module 1)

Ok, so I did manage to get something up onto the site by the deadline so at least that is done. It really helped to talk to one of my fellow students on the course too , Katherine. We had an informal google hangout ( eventually) and chatted through our experiences of the course so far.

I did mention that I thought it would be a good idea to have some sort of ‘ water cooler’ or virtual cafe bar or something that we could have to congregate in and share on a more social and informal level. This would really help with that whole feeling of online  social presence and belonging etc. Katherine seemed to think that was a good idea so I have posted a suggestion on the discussion forum to see if other people would be up for that too. A couple of people have already said that they thought it would be quite good so we shall see where that goes.

In terms of the research proposal I think I basically want to do some qualitative reseach using an abbreviated grounded theory approach  and interview some staff members to find out their attitudes and perceptions towards the use of Open Digital Badges in relation to using them as evidence of their own CPD. Well that’s the plan at the moment … things may change …