Mini-Research Project (Module 2)..initial thoughts

We have to do a mini research project for the assessment for this module.  It is due in on the 1st August. We have to discuss and agree on the project by the 30th June … so that’s nine days from now …

A lot of people have already got their ideas down on the forum for discussion. I haven’t yet as I have lots of ideas but really can’t decide which ones would be best. I’m hoping by blogging my thoughts as I go this may help crystallise my ideas?

Debs Community Of Practice Scribbles


The brief is “Researching Professional Practice“.

The examples given are:

  • observe a technology enhanced / networked community practice or event
  • interview colleagues about TEL / Communities of Practice on their views of some aspect of Technology Enhanced Networked Communities
  • Analyze interactions in a technology enhanced networked learning community

Some of the thoughts I have had so far are below:

#LTHEChat Learning and Teaching in HE Community of Practice

I could look at #LTHEchat from a number of different perspectives as I have been involved in this from a community member and also as part of the organising team . I was also part of a collaborative research team that did some initial research looking at the impact and value of participation in the weekly chats. We did some initial analysis and presented our findings at the #socmedHE16 Conference in Sheffield but did not have time to analyze the rest of the richer data that we got from semi-structured interviews. It would be interesting to analyze some of that data. The link to our abstract is here  and the link to our presentation slides is

I wonder if this would be possible?

#SUSALT17 Reaching for Teaching Excellence

As part of my role, I am responsible for organising our Annual Learning and Teaching Conference which has a focus on Technology Enhanced Learning.  It has around 250 delegates that attend each year. This will take place on the 5th July. I could write up my observations on this?  I’m not quite sure which angle to take on this though?

The link to our conference website can be found at

Other Online Networked Communities

I ‘ve also helped with the moderation and facilitation of other initiatives such as the #BYOD4L Bring Your Own Device For Learning, #CreativeHE and #FOS4L Flexible and Online Social Learning Events.  So I could look to analyse some of these interactions but again I’m not quite sure which direction to ttake?

Recording of Formal and Informal CPD and linking this to HEA Fellowship Evidence

One of the other pieces of work I’m about to look at in work is how to help colleagues record and map informal and formal evidence of CPD and relate this to the UKPSF to link this to their HEA Fellowship applications. This also extends to evidencing good standing. One of the things that we are intending implement to facilitate this is the use of Open Digital Badges.  So this is another possible area that I could research ( and would be a continuation to the research that I carried out in relation to Module 1 ) ?

Oh blimey … this was supposed to help me crystalise my thoughts and now I am even more confused ….




One thought on “Mini-Research Project (Module 2)..initial thoughts

  1. Hi Debbie,

    Just discovered this post and your brand new pink blog 😉 After reading this, I can see that you are working on your PhD studies, which is wonderful. You mention a range of examples you could use for this assignment. My suggestion would be to pick the one that is closest to your heart and will help you gain deeper insights into a specific aspect of this which is of particular interest to you. Let me know if you need anything, ok?

    Big hug


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